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Drawing Plant Forms :- drawing skills for everyone/ Week 11

Good Morning everyone,

This week's blog is 'Drawing Plant Forms'... an activity that will enhance your drawing and observational skills.

Very little outlay is needed and you can do it anywhere in the house or garden.

Enjoy the blog, stay safe.

Please share the blog, more next week.

Best wishes,


What you need:-

HB/ 2B pencils

fine liner pen

coloured pencils

What to do:-

  • Choose a small area of a plant which looks interesting.
  • Select it by making a circle with your thumb & fore finger, closing one eye, and moving the circle around until you find a section.
  • Draw a series of circles on your paper, some large, some small.
  • Draw what you see through your 'finger circle' in pencil in a circle.
  • Continue selecting different sections & drawing them in the various circles using a fine liner, colouring pencils & pencils.
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