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Painted Flowers:- Art Skills for everyone/ Week 12

Good Morning Everyone,

This week's art blog is called 'Painted Flowers'.

It's a great activity for relaxation and well being and suitable for all abilities and ages.

While the weather takes a turn for the worse, what better way to  spend the time.

Enjoy the session, stay safe, more next week.

Please share the blog.

Amina x

What you need:-


cartridge or coloured paper

paintbrushes etc

What to Do:-

  • Draw an oval for the middle of the flower.
  • Add a spiral & two wavy lines around it.
  • Add petals around the middle. To make them look as if they are curled over, draw a wiggly line inside the petal.
  • Add a long stem & several leaves.
  • Starting at the middle of the flower, paint a line out to the edge of a petal. Paint more lines to fill each petal.
  • Paint a line down the middle of each leaf. Fill with lots of lines.
  • Paint the stem completely white.

If you are painting on white cartridge paper, paint the lined flower in a colour of your choice.

Enjoy the session, please share the blog.

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