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Tissue Paper Painting:- Week 15/ final weekly Art blog for everyone

Good Morning,

Happy Monday, hope you're well on this dull and blustery day.

It's my final weekly blog, 'tissue paper painting'.

From next month I'll be writing a monthly art blog/ newsletter. This will involve an activity, news of upcoming workshops, images of art works completed.

The monthly art blog will be the first Monday of every month.

The first one is Monday 6th July ( next week).

In the mean time, enjoy the activity, stay safe, have a great week.


What You Need:-

red, green & orange tissue paper


black pen

card/ paper

What to do:-

  • Tear red & orange tissue paper into large petal shapes
  • Glue one petal. Press it on to the paper/ card
  • Add 3 more petals. Overlap and crumple the paper in places.
  • Cut leaves and stems from tissue paper. Glue them around the poppies.
  • Brush glue over the poppies, it makes them slightly shiny.
  • When the glue is completely dry use a thin black felt tip/ fine liner to add details.

Enjoy the session.

From July there'll be a monthly blog/ newsletter which will include an art activity and news of upcoming workshops.


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