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    05/10/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Drawing Eyes... October's Blog

    Good Morning,

    Welcome to October's Blog.

    My major news is the extension of the studio. The wall has been knocked through, the ceiling plastered and a new roof is now keeping the heat in and the cold out.

    The result is a beautiful bright and airy space.

    We are now in the process of decorating and laying the floor.

    There will be a grand opening ( by appointment only ) at the end of November. More about that next month.

    I have new dates for workshops for December... Christmas extravaganzas, a much more enjoyable way of spending a Saturday than shopping amongst the masked crowds!

    There is still room for the workshops Friday 16th October in 'Watercolour Techniques', and, Saturday 17th October 'Large Dramatic Skies in Oil Pastels'. 

    Call or email me for more information.

    The art activity this month is 'Drawing Eyes', straight forward and little outlay needed.

    Enjoy beautiful October, autumnal leaves, pumpkins, warm knits, wooly hats and open fires.

    Amina & Murphy xx

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    01/09/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Mixed Media Birds....September Blog

    Good Morning,

    This month's art blog is a week early due to exciting developments here at A.S.K Art & Design.

    The studio is being extended, a big and messy job. There are no workshops till 26th September due to the developments.

    The expansion will mean 3 more spaces, which, will allow for social distancing.

    Exciting times!!!

    The activity this month is called Mixed Media Birds and is suitable for all abilities and ages.


    The workshops are up and running, maximum 3 people until the studio is expanded. It's been lovely to be up and running again, seeing many returning clients. Social distancing is in place, hand gel and anti- bacterial wipes are available too. The studio is also thoroughly cleaned before and after each session.

    There is availability for Friday 16th October Watercolour Techniques & Saturday 17th October Oil Pastel Skies.

    Paintings :-

    My artwork is ongoing and updated every time a new piece is completed.

    If you would like to purchase a piece, this can be paid for over a period of time via standing order.

    I'm also available for commissions, whether it's a painting or drawing I will work with you to achieve your dream art work.

    Enjoy the art activity, and I look forward to seeing you in the autumn.

    Amina & Murphy x

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    03/08/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    mixed media leaves, monthly blog... August

    Good Morning, 

    How are you on this glorious Monday morning, the first Monday of August, my second month of my monthly Art blog.


    The workshops have been up and running now for a month. With the beautiful warm weather we've been having, the doors and windows are wide open. The maximum number of people has been halved from 6 down to 3. This not only allows for social distancing, there is more 1-1 tuition on tap.

    The majority of the workshops are fully booked. There is one space available Friday 14th August Drawing Skills Workshop and Saturday 10th October Wax, Scrunch and paint.

    I am planning more workshops working in oil pastels, acrylic painting and watercolours.

    This month's art skill is Mixed Media Leaves.

    Enjoy... have a great August and I hope to see you soon.

    Amina & Murphy xx

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    06/07/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Watercolour Rainy Sky:- Monthly Art Blog

    Good Morning,

    Welcome to my first monthly blog.

    The art activity is a watercolour technique to create an atmospheric rainy sky using minimum colour. As always it is adaptable to different ages and abilities.

    Upcoming workshops:-

    Brand new workshops are on the 'Adults' workshops' page.

    Due to covid 19 and government guidelines the maximum number for each workshop is 3. This enables social distancing of 2 metres.

    Before & after each session the studio is deep cleaned.

    In each session you will be supplied with your own materials so you won't be sharing.

    Booking is essential, payment via internet banking is encouraged ,but ,if this isn't possible, cash will of course be accepted.

    The first session is on Friday 24th July:- 9.30 - 12.30:- Drawing skills ... more details on the adult workshop page.

    Summer Sale:-

    50 % off all Art works until Monday July 20th!!!!

    Don't miss this opportunity to buy an original piece of art at a great price.

    Postage & Packaging is not included.

    I hope to see you very soon, have a great July.

    Amina x

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    29/06/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Tissue Paper Painting:- Week 15/ final weekly Art blog for everyone

    Good Morning,

    Happy Monday, hope you're well on this dull and blustery day.

    It's my final weekly blog, 'tissue paper painting'.

    From next month I'll be writing a monthly art blog/ newsletter. This will involve an activity, news of upcoming workshops, images of art works completed.

    The monthly art blog will be the first Monday of every month.

    The first one is Monday 6th July ( next week).

    In the mean time, enjoy the activity, stay safe, have a great week.


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    22/06/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Scratching Paint for everyone :- Art Blog Week 14

    Good Morning,

    I hope you had a great weekend wether it was socially distancing or visiting within your 'bubble'.

    This weeks art blog is called 'Scratching Paint'.

    I love this activity, it's enjoyable and suitable for all abilities and ages.

    This is my penultimate Art Activity blog. My workshops will be starting up soon.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Last one next week.

    Amina x

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    15/06/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Glue Pictures for everyone:- Art blog week 13!!!

    Good Morning,

    I hope you're well on this Monday morning. 

    Shops are opening and bubbles are being created... what's there not to be happy about?

    Plus... it's week 13 of my Art blog.

    This week's Art blog is 'Glue Pictures'.

    A lovely activity for everyone which can be adapted to different ages and abilities.

    Enjoy the session, enjoy the 'bubbles', more next week.

    Amina x

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    08/06/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Painted Flowers:- Art Skills for everyone/ Week 12

    Good Morning Everyone,

    This week's art blog is called 'Painted Flowers'.

    It's a great activity for relaxation and well being and suitable for all abilities and ages.

    While the weather takes a turn for the worse, what better way to  spend the time.

    Enjoy the session, stay safe, more next week.

    Please share the blog.

    Amina x

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    01/06/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Drawing Plant Forms :- drawing skills for everyone/ Week 11

    Good Morning everyone,

    This week's blog is 'Drawing Plant Forms'... an activity that will enhance your drawing and observational skills.

    Very little outlay is needed and you can do it anywhere in the house or garden.

    Enjoy the blog, stay safe.

    Please share the blog, more next week.

    Best wishes,


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