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A Review of the Year @ A.S.K Art Gallery & Studio

Good Morning,

I hope this Monday finds you well and sane in the midst of the annual seasonal madness.

As the year draws to a close, this week's blog is a review of the year in a few words and lots of pics.

Due to COVID, there were no workshops, art clubs, or exhibitions at the beginning of the year... a very depressing time.

However, on the positive side, it gave me plenty of opportunities to practice my art and experiment.

As COVID rules relaxed I managed to run a number of workshops & introduce 'Watercolours & Cream Tea Experiences'. Doors and windows were kept open, rain and cold came in. My amazing clients continued through it all with lashings of hand sanitiser and throws to keep them warm.

Throughout the year the workshops were varied:- Large Acrylic Flowers, Abstract Acrylics, Creative Batik on Paper, Abstract Acrylic Landscapes, Cityscapes in Watercolours & Mixed Media, Figures on the Beach, Wax, Lowry Street scenes in Watercolours, Scrunch & Paint... to name a few.

I also had my first-weekend workshop:- Beauties in Nature. This was really great fun, to be able to work intensely on one piece all weekend. It was such a success I'm making it an annual event.

In July A.S.K had an Open Day. The garden was transformed into a beautiful outdoor cafe where hot & cold drinks & homemade cakes were served. It was a hot day... in the words of Lou Reed- A Perfect Day.

In between workshops, there were private parties for the 'Watercolour & Cream Tea Experience, 1-1 tuition and the occasional sale of a painting or a commission.

Christmas was busy with the Christmas tree festival, exhibition at the Hub in Retford & Christmas Extravaganza workshops.

As the year draws to a close my final words are for Murphy Art Dog. He left us on Monday 11th October, at 11.30 am, after battling with ill health.  I am in the studio every day, working Monday to Friday/ Saturday. He was a small dog with a huge personality and the studio is a different environment without him.

R.I.P Beautiful Boy deeply loved & missed. Legend.



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