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April Blog:- Pencil study of a Tulip

Good Morning,

I hope you've had and are having a wonderful Easter break.

As we slowly return to some form of normality my blogs that include an activity will be the first Monday in every month.

I am, however, going to run a weekly blog giving news about workshops, exhibitions & open days etc.

The weekly blogs are also going to include tips on drawing, painting materials and techniques.

Please share the blog and let me know how you get on.

Amina x

Pencil Study of a Tulip:-


cartridge/ white paper, HB pencil, rubber

  • Lightly draw part of the tulip petal.
  • Draw the other parts of the tulip lightly.
  • Make pencil lines in varying sizes to create the shading of the petals.
  • To make  a darker shade place the lines closer together.
  • To make a lighter shade the lines should be further apart.
  • Shade in the stem and petals using hatching.

Enjoy the session and have a wonderful April.

Amina & Murphy x


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