Art made with Bodily Fluids ...Is it Art?

Good Morning,

I hope you're surviving these horrendous storms and keeping safe & warm. 

It has been busy at the studio/gallery as bookings are made for workshops and 'Watercolour & Cream Tea Experiences'. 


The next availability for workshops is Friday 11th March, ' Trees & Flowers in Watercolour & Ink' (10 am - 1 pm), Saturday 12th March, Beach Houses in Acrylics (10 am - 3 pm).

If you go to the 'Adult Workshops' page all the details are there. 

The Garden

If you are booked on to any weekend workshops in the near future you will see the improvements progressing, slowly, in the garden.

Darrell is building a beast of a shed  ( man cave), the two sheds we already have are being removed.

Before June we are looking to slab a lot of the garden. The studio will have a lovely patio area for you to have your lunch on a warm day.

It is exciting but leaves me feeling anxious as I hate mess!!

Louie has left the building

Louie the visiting Shih tzu has gone home to Taunton, he's left doggy boot camp. As much as I miss him, on the plus side, I am having snore-free sleep. 


Art Made with Bodily Fluids... Is it Art?

Artists: they can all be a bit wacky at the best times. If they’re not cutting off their ears, they’re cutting cows in half with chainsaws (the cow was dead first).

But there are some artists who go further even than that. With the popularity of shock art and sensationalist art, particularly in the media, nothing is off-limits. And that includes blood, urine, excrement, and the rest.

Many argue that this niche material doesn’t even constitute art and that these aren’t real artists.

Following are a few artists and their 'shocking ' Art. I haven't included images. It is a personal choice whether you want to search the internet for the named artists.

I am not planning any future workshops in this medium.

Andy Warhol - Oxidations 1977

Invited friends to urinate onto a canvas of metallic copper pigments so that the uric acid would oxidize into abstract patterns.


Andres Serrano - P**s Christ 1987

P**s Christ, a controversial photograph of a crucifix submerged in urine.

Marc Quinn - Self 1991

Marc Quinn makes self-portraits using nine pints of his own, frozen blood. His idea is inspired by Rembrandt’s self-portraits, and Quinn intends to make one every five years. Entitled Self, the blood sculptures require him to visit the doctor every six weeks to have blood taken out. 


Rose Lynn Fisher - The Topography of Tears 2014

Intended to be a study of different tears, after a period of profound personal change, artist Rose-Lynn Fisher photographed a selection of 100 dried tears through a standard light microscope. Fisher claims that each tear type varies: some are due to frustration, sorrow, rejection, laughing, yawning, and even onions.

I have named only a few but there are numerous more, some a little too shocking.

I hope you're not offended by the subject of today's blog but it opens up conservation and interest. Please share and leave a comment on your thoughts on this 'niche' material used in Art.

Have a great week, 

Amina x


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