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Art Glossary

Good morning,

I hope you're well this Monday 27th September, the last Monday in September.

I've slowly settled back into the day-to-day running of A.S.K Gallery/Studio after a 2-week break. 

Here is the news of the week:-

Kids' Workshop:- Half term is fast approaching and there are 2 morning Art activities for kids aged 7 - 12. It's only £15.00 if you fancy a break from parenting or grandparent duty. I have an up-to-date D.B.S.

Tuesday & Wednesday 26th/27th October 10 am - 12 noon.

Adult workshops:-

Abstract Acrylic Landscapes, Saturday 9th  October 10 am  - 3 pm.

There is still time to book a space for this full day's workshop where you can create your individual painting on canvas.

It's perfect for beginners to intermediate.

Saturday 23rd October:- Lowry Street Scene in Watercolours- Fully Booked

Saturday 6th November:- Poppy Painting in the style of Georgia O'Keefe

There is still time to book a space on this full-day workshop painting a beautiful Poppy on a canvas.

Murphy News:-

Murphy is suffering from his arthritis but he visited the vets last week and was a real trooper. He's now on anti-inflammatories which will hopefully ease his pain and give him more movement.

He certainly hasn't lost his appetite or his sense of fun.

Enjoy the blog...It's a glossary of some art terms. There are so many so I've narrowed it down to a few. More next week?



Abstract Art - Art that does not directly represent or imitate.

Acrylic Paint - A synthetic paint derived from polymerization.

Armature - A metal framework used in sculpture or modelling to support the clay or other material.

Bronze - Brown alloy chiefly made from copper and tin.

Collage - Abstract form of art in which photographs, etc. are glued to the surface of a picture.

Contour - Outline, line separating different parts of a design.

Contrast - Set in opposition so as to show their differences.

Cubism - A style of Art in which objects are presented to give the impression of geometric shapes.

Futurism - Futurism rejected the art of the past & celebrated the machine & new technology.

Geometric - According to geometry, the science of the relationship of lines, surfaces & solids in space.

Gouache - Watercolour paint made opaque by the addition of white .

Naturalistic - Using realistic methods, adherence to nature.

Optical Art - Style of painting that concerns itself with visual sensations, relying on optical illusions for effect.

Sculpture - Art of forming representations of figures, etc or abstract in the round or in relief by carving wood, modelling clay, casting metal, chiselling stone or similar processes.

Surrealism - An art form that tries to mingle reason with unreason, using chance effects, dreams etc. to create a new reality.

Tapestry - A thick woven textile fabric with parts of the design formed by weft stitches across parts of the warp.\

Texture - Representation of structure & details of an object.

Virtuoso - Person skilled in the technique of fine art.

Warp - The vertical threads in a fabric.

Weft - The horizontal threads of a fabric woven into the warp to make a web.




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