Black is a colour, too

Good morning,

How are we all as lockdown slowly eases?


Saturday's 'Abstract acrylic Landscapes' session was a great success. Each outcome was different producing beautiful vibrant paintings. The wet weather didn't dampen the spirit, we were wrapped up warm, the heating was on full and throws were handed out to keep warm as doors & windows were open.

The next workshop is ' Abstract cityscapes in Watercolour & Mixed Media'. There is one space available, checkout the adult workshops page.


There is an upcoming exhibition in the pipeline... more news next week.

News also of a studio open day at A.S.K... next week.


This week's blog is 'Black is a colour, too'... has that captured your interest?

Take care, have a great week, 

Amina & Murphy xx

Black is a Colour, too:-

A rich lively, chromatic ( that is , colourful) black can be mixed from any dark blue- ultramarine or prussian)- with burnt umber or sienna& a little red, such as crimson.

In various proportions this mix will give you a range of colours you can use without deadening adjacent colours or appearing to make 'holes' in the painting.

A Range of Greys:-

By varying the proportions of the basic brown, blue & red combination, plus white, many rich & subtle 'greys' can be mixed, as shown in the colour wheel.

Spend some time experimenting, and you'll soon see that he possibilities are endless.


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