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Colour Mixing for everyone:- Day 41

Good Morning,

It's the last day of my daily blog.

From next week it is changing to a weekly blog.

It will be for every ability and age group as each activity can be adapted.

Today's blog is colour mixing using 2 primary colours plus white.

Enjoy, please share the blog.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

Amina x

What you need:-


red, blue and white paint

paintbrushes etc.


What to do:-

  • Make a bottle shape stencil from card.
  • On the paper draw around the stencil, overlap and repeat the pattern.
  • Mix different quantities of red, blue and white paint to achieve different colours.
  • Paint each section with a mixed colour.
  • Every section should be painted in a different colour.
  • Why not try this activity with a mix of blue, yellow & white or red, yellow & white.

Enjoy x

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