Coloured Pencils, Patio Slabs, Sand, Cement & the Dog Whisperer

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Happy Monday 23rd May. I hope you're well on this lovely Monday morning.

My newsletter/ blog today is quite varied.

Where shall I start?

Patio Slabs, Sand & Cement

Hallelujah, the materials for the renovation of the garden have arrived. I decided not to take photos of these... mmmm who wants to see a picture of a bag of sand? Unfortunately, work can't start yet due to unforeseen circumstances. This is really frustrating but can't be helped.

The Dog Whisperer

Toby Art dog has been with us for 2 weeks now, it feels a lot longer. During that time we have witnessed all the bad habits he has acquired in his 8.5 years... barking at other dogs, separation anxiety, not being house trained and pulling at the lead.

We decided to get a dog trainer in to help us, I know it's our behaviour that has to change and not Toby's.

She came on Saturday morning and gave us a lot of advice and techniques to help Toby. She was tough, but, we've taken her advice on board and within 2/3 days there are positive changes. We have to stick to the new regime for 2 weeks and not be manipulated by Toby's big brown eyes and super cute personality.

New workshops & dates

I'm busy this week planning workshops/ dates for when the gallery reopens in July.

More about this next week.



Coloured pencils

Since David Hockney set a precedent in the 60s with his series of coloured-pencil drawings, this medium has become increasingly popular with fine artists.

There is a huge variety of coloured pencils on the market. The range of colours has been vastly expanded, and, the colours are now more consistently lightfast.

Clean, quick & portable, coloured pencils are very useful sketching & drawing tools.

Buying Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencils are available individually or in sumptuous looking sets with dozens of colours.

Brands vary considerably in the range of available tones & in the quality and proportion of pigments, binders, clays & waxes they contain.

Building up Colour

In many ways, coloured pencils work like watercolours. When they are used on white paper, the marks they make are transparent, which means you can put down one colour on top of another, building hues, tones & intensities until you achieve the result you want. 

Optical colour mixing

You can use hatching & crosshatching techniques to create colours & tones. Lay lines of different colours side-by-side, or overlay lines at right angles to one another to create the illusion of a third colour.


Have a great week, please share,

Amina & Toby ( training to be an Art dog)


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