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Domed Buildings for everyone:- Day 35

Good Morning,

Today's art blog is 'Domed Buildings'. 

A fun activity involving watercolours and imagination.

There are three attachments to help you visualise and complete the activity.


More tomorrow, please share the blog.

Amina x

What you need:-

watercolour paper or thick cartridge paper ( any size)


paintbrushes etc.

gold pen

What to do:-

  • With a pencil draw different sized rectangles on your paper.
  • Add some domes, make them different sizes.
  • Add lots of different shapes of windows, doorways & arches.
  • Use watercolours to fill in the buildings & domes.( pencils or felt tips if you don't have watercolours).
  • Draw around some of the windows and doors with a gold pen.
  • Add patterns to the buildings.
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