Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. It was perfect bank holiday weather.

We certainly enjoyed the weekend and have been preparing for the garden renovation which is only 3 weeks away.

It is a busy 3 weeks ahead in the studio with watercolour and cream tea experiences booked, Art Club & 2 workshops & a private workshop lined up... and, a business trip to Liverpool.

I am going to miss running my workshops etc., however, I am going to be busy with other projects. More about these at a later date.

This week's blog is about 'Drawing, Tone & Sketchbooks'. A huge and varied subject which I've condensed down.


Drawings are marks made with a variety of tools and organised on a flat surface, usually paper. They can be organised to develop ideas into finished pieces or they can be individual pieces in their own right. Drawings can show the range of ideas an artist has while planning a piece. They also help the artist understand and record details for a finished piece.

Tone & Perspective

Tone can create an impression of space. Artists also use perspective to create illusions of depth in their pictures. Perspective is basically an illusion

Look at the drawing of 3 figures from a sketchbook by Antonio Canaletto ( 1697-1768), a Venetian painter. He has used these figures to animate his perspective drawing of St Mark's Square. Without the figures, the drawing might be considered dull.


Evidence of the world around us can be kept in a sketchbook. Many artists throughout the ages have kept such records. Leonardo Da Vinci ( 1452-1519) kept a famous series of books that form a part of the Royal Collection of drawings kept at Windsor Castle.

A sketchbook is not a 'rough book' or a scribbling pad. It is a book for recording ideas through drawing & sketching. Sometimes it helps to write notes to remember where and when you sketched it.

I have worked in numerous sketchbooks over the years, from my student days to now. I still refer to them for ideas and inspiration. 

Enjoy the blog and maybe it will inspire you to dust off your sketchbook and start drawing.  

Have a great week,

Amina x


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