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Drawing Eyes... October's Blog

Good Morning,

Welcome to October's Blog.

My major news is the extension of the studio. The wall has been knocked through, the ceiling plastered and a new roof is now keeping the heat in and the cold out.

The result is a beautiful bright and airy space.

We are now in the process of decorating and laying the floor.

There will be a grand opening ( by appointment only ) at the end of November. More about that next month.

I have new dates for workshops for December... Christmas extravaganzas, a much more enjoyable way of spending a Saturday than shopping amongst the masked crowds!

There is still room for the workshops Friday 16th October in 'Watercolour Techniques', and, Saturday 17th October 'Large Dramatic Skies in Oil Pastels'. 

Call or email me for more information.

The art activity this month is 'Drawing Eyes', straight forward and little outlay needed.

Enjoy beautiful October, autumnal leaves, pumpkins, warm knits, wooly hats and open fires.

Amina & Murphy xx

Drawing Eyes:-

Materials needed:- 

A4 paper, pencil, rubber

How to draw an eye step by step:-

  • Lightly draw a 'lemon' shape.
  • Draw a line of proportion across the eye.
  • Draw in the tear duct.
  • Add the pupil and iris.
  • Notice the top of the iris is covered by the eyelid.
  • The pupil should be placed in the centre of the the iris.
  • Rub out the guideline and add tone to make the eye more realistic.
  • The iris should have a variety of tones and tends to get dark towards the outer ring.

Enjoy the activity!!


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