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Frida Kahlo Part 2

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

How are you on this mild and overcast Monday? I'm enjoying having the luxury of working on my own paintings, experimenting with new techniques and themes.

There are no workshops this month, but there is Art Club, they recommence next month. The first is on Friday  11th ...' Beech Trees & Flowers in Pen/Ink Wash.'

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This week's blog is the second part of the life of Frida Kahlo. She is an inspiration and achieved so much in her 47 years.

Enjoy the blog, please share.

Have a great week,

Amina x

Frida Kahlo ( Part 2)

Since marrying Diego, Frida was now moving in a man's world. Diego was an important artist, friends with both fellow revolutionaries and wealthy businessmen like the Rockefellers. The couple travelled together in the U.S.A - to San Francisco, New York & Detroit.

Frida chafed at the need to play the little wife & be on her best behaviour while her husband charmed the clients.

The aspect of Diego's politics which seems to have appealed to Frida most was the patriotic fervour he had for the life and culture of the common people. Increasingly, she adopted traditional styles of clothing to mark her Mexican identity and the pride she took in her own antecedents. 

Though she was personally quiet, she expressed herself using her clothes and jewellery.

Diego's belief in Frida as an artist had been total, but between the demands of his art and those of his ego, she'd been left with very little time to paint. By 1939, they had grown apart and divorced. It was only now that Frida could settle down to start producing the extraordinary paintings for which she's known. Taking herself, her body and her experiences as a woman as her main subject.

Surrealism might be old hat, but it still felt new in the New World, and it might have been made for Frida, given the dreamy extravagance of her ideas. Moreover, she brought something fresh to the school that astonished Europe.

Latin American writers would eventually characterise this approach as 'Magical Realism'. Frida Kahlo was arguably doing it first.


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