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Gouache Paint

Good Morning,

How are you on this second Monday of July?

It's very busy here preparing for the joint Open Day at the Gallery/studio & the exhibition at West Stockwith church, Saturday 17th July 11 am - 5.30 pm.

Paintings are in the process of being labelled and logged.

The garden is in the process of being converted into an outdoor 'cafe' to serve hot drinks and homemade cakes.

Invites have been sent, Murphy has been prepped to entertain.

It would be great to see you there.

I've also ordered a beautiful sunny day.

See you Saturday,

Amina & Murphy


Gouache Paint

  • The term gouache originates from the Renaissance, when the Italian masters painted 'a gouazzo' - with water-based distemper or size paints.
  • The opacity of gouache and its matt, chalky appearance when dry, make it a quite separate and distinct medium from pure, transparent watercolour, but the equipment, techniques and supports are similar for both media.


  • The best quality gouache paints contain a very high proportion of pigment.
  • Its density creates an opaque effect.
  • The colours are pure & intense, and, create clean colour mixes.

Choosing paints:-

  • Gouache paints are sold in pots, tubes and bottles.
  • Often labelled 'designers colours', this refers to the medium's popularity with graphic designers who require bright colours with a matt finish.

Starting Selection:-

  • All manufactured gouache colours are opaque and have a high degree of permanence.
  • The colours can be intermixed and thinned with water to create transparent colours which look similar to watercolour paint.
  • The colours can be mixed with white paint to create opaque tints.

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