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Gruesome or Pretty ( Kids & Adults) - Day 3

Good Morning,

Day 3, hope you're all staying positive as can be under the circumstances.

  • Today's Drawing Skills is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to every level.
  • Older kids/ adults can draw their own bottles, boxes etc, younger kids can use the worksheet or trace it.
  • Draw the 'still life' on to A4 paper.
  • Add things you find interesting to the objects.
  • They can be gruesome....eyeballs, spiders, snakes, cobwebs, brains etc
  • They can be pretty.... butterflies, flowers, sweets etc.
  • You can extend this and add a background.
  • If you have colour pencils you can add lots of colour.

I've attached a still life I've partially completed to help with ideas.....I went gruesome.


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