Garden gallery art painting workshops

How do I follow that... renovated garden, sunshine & cake?

Good Morning,

Happy Monday filled with wall-to-wall sunshine... my kind of day, I love it!

What a weekend it's been.

The garden is finished!! The builder left at 5.30 Friday evening... talk about cutting it short.

However, it enabled me to get the studio  & exhibition ready and bake lots of cakes.

As you can imagine my stress levels were pretty high. However, he promised he'd finish on time and he did, and, what an amazing job he did.

The 'courtyard garden' looks stunning. There's still work to do but it was in perfect condition to hold an open day.


Open Day, 9th July 11 am - 4 pm

It was a really early start as we had to create an outdoor cafe in our new garden. 

We also created a 'cozy' seated area in the centre of the garden which was shaded by rose bushes. Darrell built a seated area which I covered with throws and cushions, a perfect shaded place to sit.

The whole day was perfect, there was a constant flow of clients/ friends & family walking through the cool air of the tunnel into the hot sunshine of the garden.

There was a raffle for a painting and 2 of my prints.

The winners are:- 1st Prize - Val Kemm

2nd Prize - Tracy Robinson

3rd Prize - Jane B.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to look at the exhibition and sit and enjoy a coffee & cake in the new garden. 

It was a wonderfully perfect day, the photos paint a better picture than my words.

We hope to see you soon,

Amina & Toby Art Dog





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