Invitation, open day and courtyard garden gallery...

Good morning,

Well, things are definitely underway here at the studio/ gallery. 

The grass has been removed, I was quite anxious about this but have gone ahead with it, there is no turning back now. The limestone has been laid for the slabs to go on top which will be this week. The builders have been fantastic, especially through the mini heatwave we had last week. I've been on tea and cold drinking water duty every day whilst planning and preparing for the re-launch and open day.

The top garden is nearly finished and the slabs are looking great. I am wary of constantly cleaning the floor as there is so much dust, muck & soil coming into the house. My OCD in cleanliness has gone overboard. I have to say lots of positive things to myself constantly to calm myself down.

Toby is finally used to the noise and having strangers in the garden and sleeps through most of the chaos. He loves the extra attention he gets from the builders.




Open Day & Launch

As I sit and watch the builders mix cement, dig up the grass, lay the slabs, and drink tea it dawns on me that A.S.K Open Day/launch is only 19 days away.

There is a lot to prepare, new paintings to hang and price, cakes to be made, bunting to be hung & invitations to be sent out!!

It would be wonderful to share the day with you. Why not come along and enjoy a slice of homemade cake in our pop-up Art Cafe in the new courtyard garden.

There is 10% off all artwork to celebrate the new look garden gallery.

Meet Toby the Art Dog who is a work in progress and gets away with a lot through his incredible ability to be ultra-cute.

All the details are on the invitation.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Amina & Toby (Art Dog... not quite there yet!)






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