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Kids' Annual Summer Workshop, Toby's Progress & Tinted Charcoal

Good Afternoon,

Happy Monday. I hope this weekly blog finds you well and enjoying the summer.

I’ve been busy preparing the annual Kids’ summer workshop. This year it is on Tuesday 16th August. More about this further down.



School Workshop

I had a wonderful workshop with the children from North Clifton Primary School, Newark, last week. They had been studying the Mayans. The afternoon was spent working on batik, fabric & batik dyes creating a Mayan-inspired animal. The enthusiasm from the children was infectious and the artwork was outstanding. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and loved the completed artwork.

Toby Art Dog

Toby is settling well into a new routine. After a vocal welcome to clients, he settles really quickly on his sofa overseeing the artwork. He barks because he's unsure of who you are & why haven't you fussed him.

He loves a fuss & is pretty upset when people leave at the end of the session.

He still has a long way to go with training, boundaries & discipline. Toby has an unhealthy obsession with food, he'll eat anything. You have to keep an eye out on him whilst walking as he hoovers up old pizza, bread, burger... any old food left behind.


Workshops in August

Saturday 6th  10 - 3 

Beach Houses in Acrylics

Make a beautiful painting of beach houses using acrylic paints. Layer & mix the colours to create your own unique canvas.

Friday 12th August

10 am - 1 pm

Trees in Watercolours & Ink

Spend the morning working with watercolours on hot pressed watercolour paper and ink pen to build a landscape of trees.


Tinted Charcoal

In Art Club, every other Thursday, we have been covering drawing skills in charcoal & chalks. I’ve loved using the medium and recreated my animal prints using tinted charcoal & chalks.

I am hoping to run a workshop in this medium near future, ‘ Sheep & hens in tinted charcoal & chalk’.

Kids’ Annual summer workshop

This year the workshop is on Tuesday 16th August 10 am - 12 noon.

‘Patterned Birds in Paint & Chalk’.

A lovely, fun session using mixed media, imagination & creativity to create beautiful images of birds.

The session is only £20.

Ages 7 -12.

I’m off to London this week on a mini break looking for inspiration. It’s been many years since I’ve been in the capital so I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a great week.

Amina & Toby Art Dog









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