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Lockdown Week 12 :- Optical Illusion

Good Morning,

Hope you are well on this beautiful sunny March morning. The blossoms are blooming, daffodils are everywhere, days are drawing out... I love spring.

However, after that build up, this week's blog has nothing to do with spring.

I've always loved the work of Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, both Op Artists , they had a considerable impact on the world of textiles & design.

Op Art is a style of abstract painting which flourished in the 1950's & 1960's, it explored the effects of optical illusions.

I digress... enjoy the session, it's inspired by Op Art.


Workshops are up and running from 12th April, if you go to 'adult workshop' page and have a browse. Call or email for bookings.

Art Club:-

Art Club starts on Wednesday 21st April, 10 am - noon. Bring your own projects & materials. I'm on  hand for guidance, advice and to ply you with tea, coffee & biscuits.

Murphy is on hand for cuddles. First session is only £10.00 ( only £12.00 after that).

Op Art

Resources:- paper, pencil, black marker pen

  • Draw a square 11 x 11 cm and in the centre of your square draw a circle.
  • Lightly draw a line above and below the circle which gives the impression of an eye.
  • Draw repeating lines around the circle.
  • Draw repeating lines above & below the 'eye' shape.
  • Fill the circle with black, then, every other line.
  • Do the same with the lines outside the 'eye'. 
  • Rub out any pencil lines.
  • The black needs to be added very neatly and precisely to achieve an optical illusion.

If you want a further challenge, try the additional Op Art image.

Let me know how you get on, please share the blog.

Have a great week,

Amina & Murphy



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