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Lockdown Week 13:- Matisse - Oil Pastel Study

Good Morning,

It's week 13 of the blog!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has gone.

As lockdown eases, the weekly blog is reverting back to a monthly blog, the first Monday in the month.

The next blog is Monday 5th April.

Workshops start up from the week beginning Monday 12th April and Wednesday Art Club starts on the 21st April.

All the information is on the adult workshop page and Art Club page.

This week's blog is making a colour study in oil pastels of Matisse's 'Still Life with a Magnolia'. 

Oil pastels are great for blending and using on larger pieces, the colours are vibrant and they give a stunning end result.

Enjoy the session, please share the blog, and, if you would like to share your results with me drop me an email.

Have a great week,

Amina & Murphy xx

Oil Pastel study of Matisse's 'Still Life with a Magnolia'


Scrap paper, pencil, scissors, masking tape or blu tac, ruler, copy of Matisse's painting 'Still Life with a Magnolia', oil pastels, A4 cartridge paper.

  • From a scrap piece of paper cut out a 'window' 8 x 11 cm. This is the viewfinder you will use to choose a section of Matisse's painting.
  • Print off a copy of 'Still Life with a Magnolia'.
  • Move your 'viewfinder' around the painting and choose a section you want to make a study of.
  • Secure the viewfinder on the painting.
  • Draw a rectangle 8 x 11 cm on a separate piece of paper.
  • Lightly sketch what you see in the viewfinder into your rectangle.
  • Using oil pastels, make a colour study blending and matching the colours to Matisse's painting.

If you don't have oil pastels pencils are a good alternative.

Why not challenge yourself and make a bigger viewfinder/ rectangle.

Use another of Matisse's paintings to make another colour study.


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