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Lockdown Week 2:- Experimenting with Tones

Good Morning,

During lockdown I'm hoping to publish an art blog every Monday. This will include an art activity which is great for mental health and well being. This week's activity is 'Experimenting with tones'. 

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take care.

Amina x 

Experimenting with Tones:-

Experiment with making as many different tones of one colour as you can.

Always start with the lightest tone and get gradually darker.


Acrylic, poster or ready mixed paints

Paintbrushes etc

Cartridge or watercolour paper

  • Start with white, add a tiny amount of red, paint a square ( or circle or anything that takes your fancy.)
  • Add more and more of the colour until you get a dark tone.
  • All of the tones in the picture were made by adding a colour to white.

Enjoy the activity!




12/01/2021 by Jean

Great way of discovering tones of colour! Thankyou for your ideas!

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