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Lockdown Week 3:- Light and Dark Tones

Good morning,

Happy 'Brew Monday', hope you're keeping well on a lovely sunny day.

This week's art activity is all about how tones can change the mood of a picture.

This is a continuation of last week's blog... experimenting with tones.


All workshops for this month and February are being postponed till March/ April. I will finish posting/ email new dates soon. Some workshops already have new dates. Check out the page' Adult Workshops'.

Enjoy the activity, more next week.

Amina & Murphy x

Light & Dark Tones:-

The tones in a picture can change the feeling or mood of it.

Light tones give a soft, pastel effect.

Darker tones make a picture look stronger.

Resources:- poster or acrylic paint, cartridge/ watercolour paper, pencil, paintbrushes etc

  • Fold the paper in two and on each half lightly sketch the same scene. 
  • The sketch doesn't have to be exactly the same. 
  • Paint one image in light tones only.
  • Paint one image in dark tones only.

Enjoy the session, have a good week.

Amina x


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