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Lockdown Week 4:- Shades of Green

Good Morning,

Happy Burns Night.

How are you on this sunny day?

My blog today is inspired the artist Henri Rouseau who painted lots of jungle scenes with lots of plants and trees. He had never been to a jungle but used pictures and  plants in  conservatories and gardens to help him.

It's also a great exercise in creating as many shades of green by using minimum colours.

Enjoy the session. Let me know how you get on.


Shades of Green


acrylic/poster paint...yellow, red, blue, white & the smallest amount of black

Paintbrushes etc.

Cartridge or acrylic paper... any size


  • Sketch out large leaves/ plants.
  • Mix a small amount of blue into yellow to create a tone of green.
  • Test the green out on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Paint a few leaves in this tone.
  • Continue mixing different quantities of blue to yellow, white to yellow etc and paint the leaves.
  • Add a little red to the mixture to create a dark tone to highlight the veins of the leaves.
  • Mix a small amount of black to the mixture to paint the background.

Enjoy the session, stay safe... another activity next week.

Amina & Murphy x


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