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Lockdown Week 5:- Black & White Tones

Good Morning,

It's February!!!! Days are slowly getting longer and spring is around the corner... snowdrops are making a grand entrance which warms me to the core.

I hope you are keeping well and staying positive.

I'm waiting on Boris to lift the lockdown for workshops to recommence.

I can't wait, I'm itching to open my gallery/studio doors. Murphy is missing your lap to sit on and lots of fuss. 

However, to keep your creativity flowing this week's activity is painting in black and white tones.

Tone describes the relative lightness or darkness of an area of colour.

It can be easily understood when it deals with black, white and grey.

Enjoy the session, if you would like to 'show and tell' I would love to see your outcomes.

More next week. 

Have a fun filled, sparkly week.

Amina & Murphy xx


Black & white acrylic/ poster paint


Watercolour/ cartridge paper

Painting accessories

  • Lightly sketch a kettle ( it could be any object of your choice)
  • Mix the smallest amount of black with white to achieve  the palest grey.
  • Using this tone paint in the highlights on the kettle.
  • Continue mixing minute amounts of black to the  white to achieve a range of tones.
  • Paint the kettle in the range of tones, highlight the lighter parts in lighter tones etc.
  • Paint the background in tones for a dramatic effect.
  • Finally, using the darkest grey paint the darker areas... the handle, lid etc.
  • Try this technique with a variety of subject matter.

Enjoy the session, more next week.



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