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Lockdown Week 7:- Colour Matching - Monet's Water lilies

Good Morning,

Hope all is well in your world on this mild February morning. It's positively balmy compared to the snow and freezing conditions last week. Not warm enough for shorts yet unless you're a post person.

I'm hoping to confirm workshop dates as soon as Boris sets out his plan to get us out of lockdown. Can't wait!!

In the mean time this week's art activity is colour matching using mixed media, Monet's water lilies.

Enjoy the session, let me know how you get on and please share the link.

Amina & Murphy x

Monet's Water lilies:- Mixed media Colour Matching


Cartridge/ watercolour paper, acrylic paints, oil pastels, paper 'viewfinder', print of Monet's waterlilies

  • Make a viewfinder from scrap paper. This can be any size you want, mine was 10 x 10 cm.
  • Print off an image of Monet's water lilies.
  • Using your viewfinder to choose a section of the water lilies you like.
  • Mix acrylic paints to match the colours in the water.
  • When this is dry use oil pastels to add and colour match the water lilies.
  • If oil pastels are unavailable the lilies can be painted on using acrylics.
  • This activity can be repeated on another section of the painting. 
  • Also, play with scale, make the image larger to achieve a different effect.

Enjoy the session and have a great week.


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