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Lockdown Week 8:- pencil study of a feather

Good morning,

How are you in this last week of February.

March is around the corner, warmer days and more daylight hours... not that I'm wishing my life away!!

This week's blog is a drawing activity.

I love peacock feathers and, although they look complex to draw, they're not.

Follow today's technique and before you know it you'll have your own unique drawing of a peacock feather.

Enjoy the activity, please share the blog.

Have a great week, next week... March1st!!!

Amina & Murphy x

Sketch a peacock feather


pencil... 2B , Hb are suitable

cartridge paper, rubber


  • Lightly sketch the basic shapes inside the feather.
  • Shade in the centre of the feather... the upside down heart shape.
  • Press harder at the top where it is darker and gradually lighter at the bottom.
  • Lightly draw in some lines from the base of the 'heart' so they go outside the shape.
  • To concentrate on one area of the feather draw a circle and draw the detail within this.
  • Repeat this process on another section of the feather.
  • If you're feeling brave you can attempt the whole feather but remember to break it down into sections.

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