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Lockdown Week 9: colour mixing ( Abstract Trees)

Good Morning,

Happy St David's Day, happy 1st March.

I hope all is well in your world & you're looking forward to the easing of restrictions.

I have updated my workshops on 'Adult workshops' page. Why not have a browse, something may just take your fancy. There are some new additions to the workshops. 

From Wednesday April 21st, why not come along to Art Club from 10 am - midday to work on your own pieces. Bring your own projects & materials, help, advice, tea/coffee & biscuits are provided all for £12.00. Spaces are limited to 6 at the moment, booking is essential.

This weeks blog is on colour mixing ( Abstract Trees). A great skill to master and practice.

Please share the blog and let me know how you get on with the activity. It can be adapted to different abilities.

Enjoy the session. 

Colour Mixing ( Abstract Trees):


cartridge paper


 ultramarine and white acrylic or poster paint

paintbrush etc

  • Lightly draw outline of branches.
  • Mix a small amount of white into the blue and paint a few sections of your image in this tone.
  • Add a little more white to the blue for a slightly darker blue. Paint a few more sections.
  • Do this 2 more times so it gets lighter.
  • Paint the main branches in the ultramarine.
  • You can experiment with different colours & white.
  • You can also make the initial sketch more or less intricate.

Enjoy the session,

Amina & Murphy xx


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