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LS Lowry - The person

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This week's blog is a follow on from last week's on L.S.Lowry. It gives bullet points on the life of this fascinating artist.

My love for his art has resulted in a workshop on Saturday 23rd October ' Paint a Lowry Industrial Street Scene in Watercolours'. It's filling up fast, there are still  2 spaces left.

Enjoy the blog and please share.

  • Laurence Stephen Lowry was born on 1st November 1887 in Barrett Street, Stretford, Manchester.
  • He was the only child of Robert & Elizabeth. 
  • His mother was an accomplished pianist & his father worked as a clerk for an estate agent. They lived in prosperous Victoria Park.
  • His mother had always wanted a daughter & was disappointed with the large, baby boy she gave birth to.
  • After failing to get a place at art school Lowry went to work as a clerk in a firm of accounts, he then moved to an assurance company & finally, he took up the position of rent collector for the Pall Mall Property Company in Manchester.
  • He stayed working there for forty-two years until his retirement in 1952.
  • Lowry's weekly rounds took him across Salford & Manchester to industrial & domestic properties. He became very familiar with different areas & their qualities.
  • Throughout his working life, Lowry kept his job as a rent collector a secret from all but a few close friends, fearing this type of employment would harm his career as an artist.
  • To develop his drawing skills Lowry attended life-drawing classes at several colleges, including Salford School of Art.
  • After his father's death in 1932, his mother became more reclusive, eventually taking to her bed during the last years of her life. Lowry took most of the burden of looking after her upon himself, and, after coming home from work, would nurse his mother & then paint late into the night.
  • It was during this time that some of his finest work was produced.
  • Lowry's mother died in 1939 and despite all of her disapproval, her death had a profound effect on him.
  • In 1948 Lowry was evicted from his Pendleburyhome after letting it fall into disrepair. He moved to Mottram-in -Longdendale, on the edge of the Pennines.
  • During the 1950's Lowry's paintings began to be exhibited & bought by galleries around Britain& by the 1960's he was becoming a wealthy man with his work being sold to famous buyers including the Queen.
  • In the later years of his life, Lowry became increasingly eccentric, painting only occasionally, and, almost waiting for death to arrive.
  • Lowry died, aged 88, on 23rd February 1976.

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