Murphy Art Dog R.I.P

A Tribute to Murphy

Good Morning,

It is with a heavy, broken heart that I write today's blog.

Murphy's health has been rapidly deteriorating in the last 4 weeks. His arthritis worsened and he lost the use of his left leg. After weekly visits to the vet and trying different drugs to help him nothing worked anymore.

He tried so desperately to hang on, struggling to walk on three legs, but it was all too much.

Monday 11th October he told me he was ready to say goodbye. He couldn't get out of bed at all, he had had enough. It would have been purely selfish if  I'd kept him with me.

At 11.30 am on Monday 11th October Murphy went to sleep very peacefully.

Murphy was a huge part of  A.S.K Art Gallery & Studio and was aptly named Murphy Art Dog ( M.A.D)... I think the abbreviation referred to me!!! 

Many clients brought him treats or would give him part of their lunch ( I did feed him, honestly). He would sit on people's laps, sometimes for the whole session quite happily.

Clients were welcomed by him as they walked into the garden. He was a small dog with a huge personality. A Legend.

I rescued Murphy from a shelter 11 years ago, however, he rescued me. He was my rock, my companion, my best friend. Dog lovers amongst you will empathize and understand.

His memory will live on and his presence fills the studio/ gallery.

I light a candle and say few words to him every day. It will get easier and his memory will live on.

R.I.P Murphy, sweet dreams little man. 




R.I P Little man, you will be so missed.

Love you  x



18/10/2021 by Julie Thewlis

Dear Amina I was so so sorry to read the news about Murphy and having lost a faithful pet after 18 years together I can fully understand the heart break you are feeling. I only met him the once but I could tell he was a lovely dog. Thinking of you at this awfully sad time - Murphy's loss coming so quickly after your Dad passing must feel unbearable. Sending all my deepest sympathies Julie

18/10/2021 by Naiara, Mara and June

I am so sorry to hear this very sad news....My girls love Murphy so much....they will be so sad today after school...He will be in our memories All our love to you Amina xxx

18/10/2021 by Jane Beattie

So very sorry to hear this sad news Amina. Murphy brought so much joy to the lives of those of us lucky enough to meet him. A huge extra bonus on Course days. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Much love to you as you adjust to this change in your life. x

18/10/2021 by Sarah

So sad to read that. I've only been to the studio once but remember Murphy well! A real character and I'm so sorry for your loss.

18/10/2021 by Kelly Docherty

Oh bless poor Murphy. Thinking of you xxxx

18/10/2021 by Jane

Aww, very sad to read of Murphy’s passing. He was so cute and friendly. I will always remember how gently he took food from my hand and the rattle of his claws on the studio floor. Rip Murphy art dog.xx

18/10/2021 by Chris Hailes

I was so sorry to hear that Murphy as passed. He was such a huge part of your life, and will be greatly missed by you and all your clients. Sending virtual hugs. RIP Murphy.

21/10/2021 by Emma Corns

I'm so sorry to hear about the lovely Murphy, he was such a sweetheart during our art weekend - a proper little gentleman, much missed by all I'm sure x

23/10/2021 by Trish

So sorry you’re lovely Murphy has gone to Artists heaven, he’ll be watching over you and giving inspiration to your students xx

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