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Paint a Robin Christmas card in watercolours

Good Morning,

Happy Monday, I hope you're well on this cold and crisp 6th December.

As Christmas is less than 3 weeks away, this week's blog is step-by-step paint a festive robin Christmas card.

It's a great activity for both adults and kids. 

Before that here is the news from A.S.K Art Gallery & Studio:-

New & exciting workshops for 2022

These are now up and available to book. New sessions start in February.

New workshops include, 'Beach Houses in Acrylics on canvas, 'watercolour hens & cows', 'Discovering Watercolours & Mixed Media'... to name a few.

Weekend Workshop:-

I am running a whole weekend workshop on Saturday & Sunday 23rd & 24th April. It is 'Lino Printing & Painting / Pop Art Retro 1960's/ 70's'. Dressing in retro clothes is highly encouraged but optional.

Visit the weekend workshop page for all the details.

Watercolour & Baileys coffee/ Christmas cake experience

Time is running out to book a 2-hour 'treat' for you + other/s. It's replacing the watercolour & cream tea experience during the Festive season. You choose the morning/ afternoon and I check the diary to see if it's doable.

Have a great week, enjoy the blog and please share. It would be great if you left a comment and let me know how you got on with the painted robin.

Amina xx


Watercolour Christmas Card... Paint a robin


  • Cartridge paper or  watercolour paper/ card ( the size is your choice)
  • pencil/ rubbers etc
  • watercolours/ paints/ brushes etc



  1. Lightly sketch a robin on the paper
  2. Paint the head, wings, legs & branch in burnt umber ( or any shade of brown).
  3. Using vermillion red paint the robin's breast. Add a little yellow around the edge to create different tones.
  4. Add a wash of ultramarine blue for the sky.
  5. Paint the eye in black or, use a black pen for more control.
  6. Paint Merry Christmas under the robin.



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