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Good Morning,

Happy Monday!!!

What a beautiful sunny morning it is too. It's set to become warmer too... can't wait.

I hope your weekend went well. We were off celebrating Darrell's birthday in Buxton, long walks, good food  & wine, all in that order. A very enjoyable birthday was had.

It's a  busy week ahead here at A.S.K Gallery & Studio, with watercolour & cream tea experiences, Art Club & a Saturday workshop all lined up. 


Kids' Easter workshop

I'm running a kids' Easter workshop on Wednesday 13th April, 10 am - 12 noon. We'll be making stain glass Easter egg decorations from tissue paper, and, also making wax relief & painted Easter egg decorations. The cost is £15.00 per child. Booking is through email at or call me on 01427 360926.

Monday 28th March

Butterflies in Acrylics & Mixed Media on canvas:- there is still availability if you fancy having a chilled-out day painting these beautiful creatures. It is a full day 10 am  - 3 pm/ £60.00.

The Garden News

The man shed is completed and the 2 old sheds have been dismantled. The next stage of the garden project is to pave right through!!!! That is a big project and we will be closed during this process. I don't have a date yet... or any paving. It's in progress.

Painting Surfaces for Watercolours

Watercolour paper is available with 3 different surfaces.


This is great for achieving textural effects with paint alone. The brush can skim over the textured surface to catch the top of it with paint and leave broken textural marks. It is good for catching the effects of light on watering texture on brick and stonework.


Sometimes abbreviated to HP, Hot -Pressed paper is completely smooth and is used mainly for very detailed work, such as botanical or pen & wash. Pen nibs glide over this paper easily without snagging, enabling fine details.


Not surface

The third surface is Not - short for Not hot-pressed. It is between the 2 extremes and has a slightly textured surface. Not surface papers are ideal for most subjects.

Watercolour paper can be bought in loose sheets, packs or blocks.

Blocks are good for working 'en Plein air' as the edges are gummed all around and stops it from cockling.

Sizing Paper

Most watercolour papers are sized internally & externally.

A ‘Sizing’ solution ( usually some sort of animal glue & alum) to paper with a brush to strengthen it. Without sizing the paper, pigment and ink would bleed, run & blur. Sizing the paper strengthens it.

Once you find a paper with the characteristic that suits you, you will likely stick to that particular brand.


Have a wonderful week, enjoy the sunshine & I hope to see you soon,

Amina x


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