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Paul Klee:- Das Lamm

Good Morning,

Happy Valentine's ( if you celebrate it). We are halfway through February and the snowdrops are in full bloom. I love seeing the bed of white amongst the green in woodlands. 

This week's blog is about an artist I admire for his use of colour, abstract paintings, child-like quality, and use of mixed media.

Before that here is the news from A.S.K Art studio/ gallery.

Louie the visiting Shih Tzu

Louie's stay as the in-house Art dog is coming to an end. Today is his last full day, his mum is coming for him tomorrow. We have loved having him and he's been great in the studio. He settles down quickly after he's had a fuss from clients & doesn't distract. Louie loves to sit on the studio sofa lording it over everyone. Unfortunately, he does snore so I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tomorrow.


There are still spaces available for upcoming workshops, however, they are filling up. If you want to learn how to paint a cow and hen/s in watercolours, butterflies in mixed media & acrylic, beach houses in acrylics, or lino printing head over to my 'Adult Workshops' page. 

Art Club

Art club is full but I may add another day due to popular demand. Please drop me a line if you are interested in coming along on a Wednesday every other week 2 - 4 pm. Bring a project you are working on and I will guide and advise where  I can. All this for £12.

If you want the session to be on drawing skills once a month I plan the session, provide the materials and teach a variety of drawing techniques for an extra £3 ( £15).

Friday's workshop ( 11th February) Silver Birch Trees & Flowers in pen and ink wash

On Friday 11th February there was an afternoon workshop in pen & ink wash. After initial experimenting with different techniques, everyone worked on their own individual piece. I will say no more as the photographs speak for themselves. There was an abundance of quality work. 

It was a really enjoyable afternoon.

Paul Klee 1879-1940

Paul Klee was born near Berne, Switzerland, on the 18th December 1879. Much of his early work was in black and white in graphic media. He went to live in Munich in 1906 and, after joining the Blaue Reiter Movement ( MArc, Kandinsky, Macke), he exhibited with them in 1912. That year he also visited Paris and met Delaunay.

Owing to these outside influences Klee felt that he was able to abandon his monochromatic work and embark into the world of colour.

He served in the army from 1914  to 18 and was deeply distressed at the deaths of Macke ( 1914) & Marc (1916).

He taught at the Bauhaus, Weimar and Seesden from 1920  to 1931 and was one of their most influential teachers.

In 1931 he left the Bauhaus and held a professorship at Dusseldorf until 1933 when the Nazis expelled him. During the Nazi regime over 100 of his works were confiscated from the German museums.

Paul Klee died on the 29th of June 1940.

Das Lamm, 1920 by Paul Klee

Paul Klee used the colours of the rainbow in this painting. The lamb is walking through the colourful stripy land. The cross above its head evokes God's lamb, which traditionally symbolises Christ's sacrificial death. However, the religious content in Klee's work is controversial as the painter didn't express a particular religious standpoint.

The beauty of this painting for me lies in both the simplicity and complicity of the painting. The beautiful rainbow colours draw you into the painting, from there you start to see so much more... the use of line, the contrast of colour in the cross, the face of the lamb.

I hope you enjoy the painting.

Have a great week, please share the blog.

Amina x



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