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Pencil Tips

Good Morning, 

Welcome to the new format of the blog. It will be a newsletter with tips on art materials and techniques every week.

The first week of every month will include an art activity.

A.S.K News for the week

  • Workshops are up and running and filling up fast. If you go to the adult workshop page and have a browse, there's something for everyone.
  • The gallery/ studio has been given a major deep clean as you can see from the photos and is open for business.
  • Wednesday Art Club starts on the 21st April 10 am  - noon. Bring your own materials and projects, works at your leisure with tea, coffee and expert advice on tap. All for £12.00!!!
  • Fancy treating a loved one to a watercolour and cream tea experience? Go to the relevant page for more information.
  • Murphy News... a very stressful trip to the vets on Monday as he had a lump on his neck and head. The vet drained the fluid and said it was either an insect bite or he'd been in a fight. The latter explanation cheered up a stressful situation... Murphy is the most laid back dog and doesn't understand 'fight'. He's fine now, bumps have gone down and he is very happy... phew!

Tips on Drawing Pencils

Equally capable of producing a quick sketch or a finely worked drawing, the pencil is the most immediate, versatile & sensitive of the drawing media.
Drawing pencils come in a range of grades, from H for hard to B for soft.
Hard pencils range from 9H ( the hardest) to H, & soft pencils range from 9 B ( the softest) to B.
Grades HB & F are midway between the two.

A very soft lead will produce rich, black marks, and is excellent for rapid sketches & expressive line and tone drawings.

Hard pencils make grey, rather than black marks. They are suitable for precise lines and details.

‘Drawing is the true test of Art’ - Jean Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867)


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