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Perspective, Bee's Nest & half price paintings

Good Day to you all,

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Tuesday. How was your jubilee weekend? We had a wonderful time camping at Anderby Creek.

Now I'm back on it.

As it's the first week of the month there is a practical blog... a simplistic look at drawing perspective which helps if you're into landscapes or street scenes etc.

First the News:

The Garden Renovation:-

Finally, as I look out of my studio door I see builders working on the garden renovation... hurrah.

I'm going to take photos this week as it progresses and bore you with them next week.

Bee's Nest:-

Whilst renovations were underway today we discovered a bee's nest... a proper one. We phoned various agencies for advice, passed from one to another. Finally, we got through to a bee expert, and we were told to move the nest to a safe place. We were also told the bees wouldn't sting us! Darrell safely moved the bees, he only got one sting!!!

Half Price Paintings:-

I have now removed all my paintings from the gallery in preparation for the grand opening/ re-launch in July. 

To celebrate this I am offering all my floral canvases at half price. A once-in-a-lifetime offer. Please call or email if you would like to purchase an original one-off painting.

Future Workshops:-

These are slowly filling up. Visit the 'Adult Workshop 'page to see what's on offer.


Drawing Perspective

Resources:- HB/ 2B pencil, ruler, paper, rubber, black fine liner ( optional)

  1. Using a ruler draw a horizon line approximately 2/3 rds up the page.
  2. Draw the road. Add some trees so they look like they're going into the distance.
  3. Draw some mountains/hills & sun in the background.
  4. Add detail, more trees, etc.
  5. Outline the scene in black fine liner...this is optional.

One-point perspective images have a tendency to draw the viewer along the lines to the vanishing point.

Distant objects appear smaller but have the same shape and proportions as they would close up.


Enjoy the blog, and have a great week.

Amina & Toby Art Dog



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