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Poppy in Black Pen... January's Blog

Good Morning,

Happy New Year, I hope you are well and staying positive.

Due to more COVID restrictions and being in tier 4, I will keep you informed with upcoming workshops.

If a workshop has to be postponed I will send out different dates when it can go ahead. However, I can refund you the deposit if you don't want a different date. I will try my best to accommodate your wishes.

The grand opening of the gallery is postponed until we are all free to move around too. The artwork is open virtually on my website for you to view. If you would like to purchase a painting this can be done in monthly deposits, please call or email for details.

This month's activity is how to draw a poppy in pen. It is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to suit different needs.

Have a great January... the nights are slowly drawing out, spring isn't far away.

Amina x

Activity : Poppy Drawing in Pen

Materials needed:- black fine liner, white A4 paper

  • In the centre of the paper loosely draw a circle.
  •  Draw 5/6 petals overlapping.
  • Shade in parts of each petal to create light and dark.
  • For the centre draw small circles, shade some in, lightly shade around them.
  • Add a stalk and leaves.
  • Make lines on the stalk to create a rough texture.

Enjoy the activity,

Best wishes, 

Amina x


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