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Practical blog...Swimming Turtle in watercolours

Good Morning,

Happy Monday, the first in August so it's a practical session.

As it's the summer holidays the session is suitable for adults and kids.

First a little catch-up on what's been happening here at the Garden Gallery & Studio.

Kids' Annual Summer Workshop

I've been prepping for the kids' workshop which is on Tuesday 16th August, 10 am - noon.

The session involves working in mixed media to create patterned birds. A wonderful activity that gets the creativity & imagination flowing. Booking is through email or you can call me.

Trip to London

Last week I had a mini break to London and stayed near Canary Wharf. Despite the horrendous journey down there, due to overhead lines being down, I had an amazing time. I went for a long walk along the re-generated area around Kings Cross. It was beautiful, with lots of greenery, canal boats, an eco-friendly cafe... I could go on. The walk to Cambden along the canal was interesting as was Cambden itself. It left me feeling refreshed and inspired.


There is still availability for Trees in Watercolours & Ink, Friday 12th August 10 am - 1 pm.

A lovely session involving drawing, painting in watercolours, and using an ink pen.



Swimming Turtle

Resources:- paper, watercolours, paintbrushes, etc., cling film

  • Lightly sketch out a turtle.
  • Paint markings on the shell with turquoise & ultramarine watercolour paint, while it's still wet add small dots so the paint will run.
  • Paint the head in washes of green & yellow. Add a little dark blue around the edges of the flippers.
  • Around the turtle paint the paper with clean water. While the paper is still wet, add patches of green & turquoise paint.
  • Lay a layer of plastic cling film over the painting while it is wet.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • When it is completely dry, remove the cling film.

Enjoy the session, let me know how you get on & please share.

Have a great week,

Amina & Toby xx



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