The First week in the life of Toby Art Dog

Good Morning,

Happy Monday.

I hope you're well this Monday morning.

I've taken some time out from the studio/ gallery to settle Toby into his new life. It's been wonderful getting to know him but pretty exhausting.

Poor Toby has had a pretty sad 8.5 years of life and will need plenty of training and TLC ( he'll have bags of both).

I promise I won't go on and on about Toby, not everyone is a crazy dog person like me.

First a catch up on the gallery/studio:

  • Unfortunately, work hasn't started on the renovation of the garden as we're waiting on materials!!! We're hoping it will be next week... fingers crossed.
  • I am starting on my own new projects this week which involve printing & mixed media. It's a medium I love to use and I am hoping to make a collection of prints for the grand re-opening of the gallery/ studio.
  • I am also planning new workshops and dates for the future.

Toby Art Dog's First Week

What a week we've had from the moment we fetched Toby to now. We took him for a walk and he barked at everything!! We turned around and came home.

He jumped on the furniture & the bed which is not allowed in our household. Pulled at the lead, wolfed his food down.

Since then there's been plenty of training. 

After a couple of sleepless nights chucking him off the bed, he is now straight into his own bed and sleeps right through.

He doesn't jump on the furniture anymore and goes straight to his bed when told to.

There's still a long way to go as he had a bad start.

However, he's been out for tea at The Caldero in Gainsborough, Sunday lunch in Leeds followed by a walk, a stroll through the bluebells at Clumber, helped out in Thursday's Art Club, had his first bath, and helped Darrell while he built his greenhouse. 

He's such a loving little soul and is so happy to fall asleep on your lap and give you a big cuddle.

He looks forward to meeting you all in the near future.

Have a great week.

Amina & Toby xx



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