Tonal Values

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Happy summer solstice.

This week's blog is 'Tonal Values'. It will give some clarity and understanding about tone.

I hope you can make the studio/ gallery open day on the 17th July and, the exhibition at West Stockwith Church on 17th & 18th July.

All the details are on the website.

If you have a celebration coming up why not treat yourself & loved ones to a watercolour & cream tea experience. All details are on the website.

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Tonal Values:-

Tone describes the relative lightness or darkness of an area of colour.

Some colours are more light-reflective than others and appear to be lighter in tone- cerulean blue & Prussian blue are the same colour or hue, but the former has a light tone, while the latter has a dark one.

Tone can be easily understood when it deals with black, grey and white. However, it is hard to define tonally the hues and intensities of some colours. An object may have an intense, warm colour, but that very warmth and intensity may make you think that the tone is lighter or darker than is actually the case.


Counterchange is the placing of light shapes against dark, and vice versa. It creates lively interesting pictures as the reversals of light and dark provide intriguing contrasts.

Counterchange also gives movement and rhythm to a picture, leading the viewer from light to dark and back again.

The great Dutch painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, were masters of this effect.

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