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Water Lilies in Mixed Media for everyone:- day 39

Good Morning,

What a beautiful morning, sun is shining, we're all set for a hot, hot day!

When you need a break for the sun, today's blog is water lilies in watercolours and oil pastels.

A simple and effective technique that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

You can play around with scale and colour.

Enjoy the session.

Please share the blog.

Amina x

What you need:-

A4 cartridge paper

watercolour paints, brushes etc.

oil pastels

What to do:-

  • Place the paper 'landscape'.
  • Using the green, yellow and blue paints, layer 'splodges' of overlapping paint .
  • The paint is overlapped to achieve a watery effect.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Make waterlily shapes on the paint using the pink, yellow and purple oil pastels.
  • Overlap them so they blend.
  • Make them different sizes.

Enjoy the session, more tomorrow.

Stay safe, 

Amina x

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