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Watercolour City for everyone:- Day 40

Good Morning,

How are you on this lovely Thursday morning?

Today's art activity is called watercolour city.

It involves colour mixing and using your imagination.

It's suitable and adaptable for every age and ability.

Enjoy the activity & please share the blog.

Amina x

What you need:-

Cartridge paper or card

Watercolour paints, brushes etc.

Black pen

What to do:-

  • Paint a row of buildings , almost touching each other, in washes of orange, yellow, purple & pink.
  • Mix some light blue watercolour and paint the sky above the buildings.
  • Mix a grey wash and paint a pavement in front of the buildings.
  • When the sky has dried, paint darker blue building shapes.
  • Use the pen to outline the buildings at the front in black. Draw a roof on each one.
  • Draw windows and doors on the buildings. Shade them in & add other details.
  • Outline the buildings at the back & add windows.
  • Draw some small squiggles to represent people.


Amina x

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