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Watercolour Felt tips for everyone:- day 38

Good Morning,

Today's Art blog is called 'watercolour felt tips'. Felt tips are very versatile, affordable and everyone loves them... especially kids.

My example is a row of trees with bluebells. 

As always the activity is open to interpretation, any subject matter works well.

Enjoy the activity, experiment to your heart's content with colour, scale and composition.

More tomorrow,

Amina x

What you need:-

felt tips

cartridge/ watercolour paper

water/ water pot


What to do:-

  • Lightly sketch your trees and horizon line on the paper.
  • With the felt tips, add colour to the trees, bluebells & background.
  • Leave gaps of white.
  • Using a damp paintbrush, brush over the felt tips gently  so the colours will blend and create a watercolour effect.
  • The paintbrush should only be slightly damp.
  • Once it is dry you can add more felt tip on the surface and gently blend the colours with a damp brush.

Enjoy, more tomorrow.

Amina x

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