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Watercolour Papers & workshops

Watercolour Papers:-

There are 3 ways of producing watercolour paper: by hand, on a mould machine, and, on a fourdrinier machine.
Handmade Paper:
The very best papers are made of 100% cotton, and are usually made by skilled craftsmen. Handmade papers are lively to use, durable, and, have a pleasing irregular texture. They are expensive, but worth the cost.

Mould-made paper:
European mills produce paper on cylinder-mould machines. The paper fibres are formed into sheets with a random distribution, close to that of handmade papers. The paper is durable, stable, and, resistant to distortion under a heavy wash.

Machine-made paper:
Although inexpensive to purchase and produce, machine made papers are less resistant to deterioration, but may distort when wet. Some papers also have a mechanical, monotonous surface grain.

Watercolour paper is an excellent surface for acrylics, pencil, ink, gouache & pastel, as well as watercolour. Some papers are superior in quality to others, but it does not necessarily follow that an expensive paper will give better results.

Good Morning,

What a beautiful sunny one it is too.

As you can see from the lovely photographs, workshops and experiences are up and running in the newly extended gallery/ studio.

There were watercolour & cream tea experiences, painting plants in watercolours and ink, and, large acrylic flowers.

It was great to welcome clients back, the sun shone and there was plenty of chatter, laughter and creativity.

Murphy was very happy to have plenty of laps to sit on.

There are some brand spanking new workshops available as well as popular watercolour techniques.

Have a browse, call or email for more information or, just to chat.

Best wishes,

Amina  Murphy xx

Saturday 24th April
Abstract Acrylics
10 am - 3 pm / £60.00
Saturday 22nd May
Abstract Cityscape in Watercolours & Mixed media
10 am - 3 pm/ £60.00
Saturday 5th June
Figures on the Beach
10 am - 3 pm/ £60.00
Saturday 19th June
Abstract Acrylic Landscapes
10 am - 3 pm/ £60.00
Friday 25th June
Watercolour techniques/ watercolour Kingfisher & Hare
10 am - 3 pm/ £60.00
Saturday 26th June
Wax, Scrunch & Paint
10 am - 3 pm/ £60.00
Friday 6th August
Drawing Skills
9.30 - 12.30/ £30.00
Saturday 7th August
Still Life in Mixed Media & Collage
10 am - 3 pm/ £60.00


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