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Watercolour Red Pepper

Good Morning,

Happy Monday, 1st of November. Now the clocks have gone back, and it's darker in the evening, let's look on the bright side... lots of cosy nights to paint, draw and do all things creative.

This week's blog is step by step on how to paint a red pepper in watercolours.

It's suitable for all abilities. If you have kids or grandkids this is a great activity that they will enjoy.


As the year slowly draws to a close, A.S.K studio/gallery is looking forward to the new year and new workshops.

They are in the pipeline and will be posted on the website soon.

Availability for this year:-

Monday 15th November

Watercolour kingfisher & Hare/ Watercolour techniques 10 am- 3 pm

There are only 2 spaces available for this upcoming workshop. All other workshops are full.

Please call or email if you would like to book a space.

Art Club:-

There are only 4 left for this year. 

Thursday 4th & 18th November, 2nd & 16th December, 2-4 pm

This is a lovely relaxed session where you can bring your own projects & materials and work in the studio. I'm with you all the way, making hot drinks & doling out advice and guidance. I make the occasional cake too.

This is only £12.00 per session and booking is essential.

Enjoy the blog & let me know how you get on. A comment is always appreciated.

Have a great week.

Amina x



A4 watercolour or cartridge paper, paintbrushes etc, HB/ 2B pencil, watercolour paints... vermillion, crimson, indigo, yellow, emerald, hookers green, olive green, burnt umber, yellow ochre.

  • Draw a large pepper to fill the sheet.
  • Paint a wash of vermillion on the pepper.
  • Paint a wash of emerald green on the stalk.
  • Start building layers of vermillion & crimson for darker tones.
  • Blend yellow in with the vermillion to highlight areas.
  • Stalk - Apply strokes of hookers green & olive green
  • Apply a little van dyke brown & yellow ochre.
  • Paint the background in indigo blue.

Enjoy the session, follow the pictures to help.

Have a great week.

Amina x


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