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Wax Resist Reflections for everyone:- Day 36

Good Morning,

Today's art blog is called 'wax reflections' which involves painting and oil pastels or wax crayons.

It's a great springboard for painting different landscapes in various colours.

The activity is adaptable and suitable for all ages and abilities.

Please share the blog.

Have a great weekend, more on Monday.

Amina x

What you need:-

Watercolour/ cartridge paper

watercolour paints/ brushes etc.

White oil pastel or wax crayon

What to do:-

  • Draw a moon with the white pastel on the paper.
  • Add lots of short lines about a third of the way down the paper.
  • Make each line a little longer than the one before.
  • Use darkish blue paint to paint a line of distant hills between the moon & the lines on the water.
  • Paint the sky and water in yellow paint.
  • When the paint is dry, paint a strip of land, a tree trunk.
  • Dab leaves with the tip of your brush.

Enjoy & please share the blog.


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