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Weekly Blog:- Tone, Form & Illusion

Good Morning,

Happy Bank Holiday, Happy May!

This month's art activity is all about creating tone and form using a very simple formula.

The subject matter is personal choice, I loved the picture of the lion, once I had started though it took quite a while. I found the whole activity really therapeutic and zoned out with Murphy fast asleep by my side.

Studio & Gallery News:-

April saw the opening of workshops and welcoming clients back safely into the studio.

The workshops have been varied:- watercolour & ink, Large Acrylic Flowers, Abstract Acrylics. 

There have also been bookings for 'Watercolours & Cream Tea Experience', very enjoyable.

The Creative Batik on Paper Workshop held on the bank holiday weekend produced some  beautiful & interesting pieces.

April also saw the first Art Club every other Thursday 2-4pm. The next Art Club is on Thursday 13th May, booking, as always, is essential. If you have a project you're working on and need advice and guidance on tap while working on it, this is for you.

Tone & Form

Resources:- paper, HB/2B pencil, tracing paper, black & white image from a newspaper, photograph, internet etc. of a face, car, bird, anything you like.

  • Place the tracing paper on top of your image ( you can blu tack or tape this down so it doesn't move)
  • Using a pencil add tone with vertical lines of different thickness and different gaps between.
  • Do not use outlines.

Enjoy the session, let me know how you get on, have a great week.

Amina & Murphy x


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