What is Abstract Art?

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Happy Monday, I hope you're well this last Monday of April.

As May draws closer so does the closure of A.S.K Art Studio & Gallery. We're preparing for the renovation of the garden. I have a quiet word with myself every day that the mess, upheaval, and closure will be worth it. We're designing a Mediterranean Courtyard garden style with a few dashes of quirkiness. I'll give weekly updates with photographs & progress.

The past week has been exceptionally busy with workshops, Art Club, and private parties. I have a full timetable when I close next month... more about that at a later date.

This week's blog is, ' What is Abstract Art?'

I have many clients wanting to paint 'freely' and more 'lose', and, ask for advice on how to achieve this. The blog gives a little background on the style and I hope it helps with guidance too.


What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a form of art with no recognisable subject, it doesn't represent images of our everyday lives. It has form, so it has colours, lines and shapes, but they are not designed to represent living things or actual objects. It can still express emotions and feelings, however, so it is sometimes referred to as abstract expressionism.

Kandinsky & Delaunay

Abstract art is one of the only forms of art that can be considered truly modern. The first real abstract art began in the early 1900s by some expressionists such as Kandinsky

This Russian-born artist began his career as a Professor of Law but left his role to start art school. He is often viewed as the founder of abstract art, as he was the first painter to paint images with no recognisable subjects. His belief was that this let him freely express his complex emotions.

Kandinsky called it the 'science of the soul' and his art explored the relationship between colour and form. He carried out ‘psychological tests’ of students and staff at the Bauhaus art college in an attempt to prove that the mind pulled certain colours and shapes together.

Delaunay was born in Paris to a rich family who could support him to be a professional painter. He married a Russian artist and worked alongside her to work on theories about light and colour. They developed a new style of painting called Orphism. Orphism uses bright colours and simple shapes such as circles, triangles and squares. The Delaunays wanted their art to express feelings of joy, movement and music. This was expressed through painting, textiles, and interiors and was often used in theatre. They are one of the most successful husband and wife teams in the history of art.

Characteristics of abstract art

Abstract art is unique to the individual, but it does share some common characteristics. Abstract artists tend to use large canvases which may be very large, the art can be on new scales.

There is an all-over approach where the whole canvas is seen as just as important, the edges are just as vital to work on as the centre of the canvas. Sometimes, the art is seen as an event on paper rather than a specific picture. This can make the viewer feel almost like they are part of the art.

Abstract art can also take the form of sculptures.



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