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Why Use Acrylics

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. I hope life is good this last Monday in October.

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages about Murphy. He was an absolute legend and very loved by everyone who met him. A small dog with a huge personality.

The studio is empty without him, however, I'm comforted by all the kind words from his fan club, and,  knowing he's out of pain in a better place. 

This week's blog asks the question, 'Why Use Acrylics?'

I love painting in acrylics ( and watercolours) and prefer them to oils.

Considering the drawbacks of oil paints, it is amazing what the old masters achieved. They would have loved acrylics.


Why Use Acrylic?

  • Acrylics can be used both thick and thin.
  • The quick-drying properties of acrylic make it ideal for achieving crisp edges where needed. 
  • Using just one set of tubes you can recreate every traditional style and technique - oils, watercolours and gouache.
  • Acrylics are very strong, they won't crackle or fall off the canvas or need restoration at a later date.
  • Acrylic pigments are extremely lightfast, so you can use vivid colours without them fading.
  • Unlike gouache or watercolour, acrylics are flexible enough to be used on a canvas.
  • The tough, flexible paint film is entirely waterproof and can be scrubbed clean. It's safe to hang unglazed acrylic paintings anywhere, even in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Being entirely water-based, there are no strong-smelling solvents to give you a headache.
  • Due to years of research and popular demand, the range of acrylic pigments is increasing.

That is why I love acrylics. I hope this was informative & please share the blog.

Have a great week.

Amina x


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