• bluebell painting purple blue silver acrylic art original contemporary modern flower paintings
    30/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Bluebell - Isolation

    My experimental Art continues with this study of a bluebell.

    The painting was completed using a variety of unconventional painting tools....cardboard and squeegee to name a few.

    I love bluebells and will be really sad not to see them this year due to the lockdown.

    I'm fortunate to be able to paint them and surround myself with the images.

    Open to offers if you want to purchase the painting, on paper,  26 x 18 cm...offers over £15 please. 

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  • cartoon drawing skills drawing skills kids art activity
    30/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Cartoon Characters for Kids - ( Week 2 Day 6)

    How to draw a cartoon character

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  • bluebell woods acrylic painting wall art gold purple green one off original contemporary modern
    27/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Bluebell Woods- Isolation

    I've really become more involved in experimental abstract painting. Using many different unconventional tools, I apply the paint and wait to see what happens when in the process. I do have some control over the tools and paint but let it guide me into the finished article. 

    Bluebell Woods- Isolation is influenced by the world today and social isolation.

    Where would I love to socially isolate is in a bluebell wood....not going to happen, so, I'll paint one instead.

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  • drawing skills cartoon pencils kids art work
    27/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Cartoons Expressions /Kids activity :- day 5

    Kids' Art Activity:- Drawing expressions in cartoons.

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  • drawing skills art activity pencils pens paper observational
    26/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Edge of The Room ( young adult & adults) - Day 4

    Good morning,

    This activity is more suitable for young adults and adults.....younger kids' activity tomorrow.

    What you need:-

    ballpoint pen or pencil

    plain paper

    any interior space

    • Find an interesting corner of detail in the room you're in.
    • Start your drawing somewhere in the middle of your page. 
    • Touch pen to paper and with a single continuous line trace the edges of the objects in front of you.
    • Keep your eyes constantly flitting from page to room, up and down, drawing all the time.
    • Don't stop to rub out.
    • The drawing will fall out of proportion ....that's ok.
    • Keep drawing until you've filled the space.
    • This is a daily exercise you could do as it takes anything from 5-30 minutes.

    Enjoy.......Kids' activity tomorrow.

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  • kids drawing skills drawing activity imagination pencils colours
    25/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Gruesome or Pretty ( Kids & Adults) - Day 3

    Good Morning,

    Day 3, hope you're all staying positive as can be under the circumstances.

    • Today's Drawing Skills is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to every level.
    • Older kids/ adults can draw their own bottles, boxes etc, younger kids can use the worksheet or trace it.
    • Draw the 'still life' on to A4 paper.
    • Add things you find interesting to the objects.
    • They can be gruesome....eyeballs, spiders, snakes, cobwebs, brains etc
    • They can be pretty.... butterflies, flowers, sweets etc.
    • You can extend this and add a background.
    • If you have colour pencils you can add lots of colour.

    I've attached a still life I've partially completed to help with ideas.....I went gruesome.


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  • abstract art painting acrylic purple silver red original modern art contemporary
    24/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Abstract Acrylics - Isolation 2

    Isolation Day 2:-

    I'm continuing to experiment with abstract acrylics. Painting with rollers, card, brushes on paper is great fun. 

    Trying to stay positive, the sunshine helps as does the love of Murphy dog.

    If you're interested in buying this painting , it's on paper, 20 x 15 cm.....I'm open to offers.

    Email or call me. x

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  • drawing skills pencils paper adults children drawing beginners
    24/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Drawing Skills for Adults :- Day 1

    Here it is the first drawing skills for adults ( & or children).

    All you need are pencils, HB/ 2B , paper, rubber.


    • Dashed marks can help you establish proportions of a subject early.
    • Start with marks for the top, bottom, left and right extremes.
    • Once you're happy with it join the dots lightly together.
    • Practice the cup first then the bottle.
    • Once you've built your confidence choose the subjects.      

    As you draw your eyes should be constantly flitting between paper and subject.

    The more time you spend looking at your subject, the more answers you'll find to the questions your drawing creates.

    Hope you enjoy the activity.... suitable for both adults and older children.

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  • abstract art acrylic paint red gold silver canvas wall art original one off modern art contemporary
    23/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Abstract Acrylics - Isolation 1

    I'm working on a series of abstract acrylic paintings on canvas art/ paper whilst in isolation.

    This one has been layered in acrylics starting in yellows and reds.... 30 x 25 cm. It has been applied using rollers so the outcome is a pleasant creative surprise.

    The painting has been dictated to by colour, pattern and texture.

    I now deem it finished.... unnamed though???? Any suggestions??

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  • kids lessons in art worksheets drawing skills children pencil drawing
    21/03/2020 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Drawing Skills for Kids 1

    Good Morning,

    This is my first blog on teaching children Art skills at home.
    All you'll need are pencils 2B/ 3B tend to work well, paper, rubber and sharpener.

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  • abstract wall art modern contemporary one off original landscape acrylic paint
    26/03/2019 - Amina Sly-Khan 0 Comments
    Experimental Landscape

    I'm loving experimenting with landscapes. Looking at them from a completely different perspective in colour and pattern.

    The painting is contemporary and modern and is a one off original.

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  • sunset abstract acrylic wall art red gold one off original
    18/02/2019 0 Comments
    Abstract Sunset

    Finally finished my abstract sunset .....'Summer Sunset'. I loved blending the reds, yellows, oranges and white to create a beautiful sunset.

    The painting is  for sale, check out my website for more details.

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  • abstract art silver turquoise blue wall art original acrylic painting
    14/10/2018 - Amina Sly - Khan 0 Comments
    Experimental Abstract Art

    Experimenting with abstract art through colour, pattern and texture. The colours are layered in acrylic paint to give it depth. Silver leaf, glitter and embossing powder are applied on top of the paint

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  • silver abstract wall art purple modern original painting
    03/10/2018 - Amina Sly - Khan 0 Comments
    Purple and Silver

    I've gone abstract crazy. Thoroughly enjoying working in abstract and experimenting with colour, pattern and texture.

    I layered the background with purple, blue and white  acrylic paint. Looking at the shapes within the background I applied silver embossing powder, silver paint and silver leaf.... I love silver... can you tell?

    Still experimenting before I make a decision to go large on a canvas.

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  • watercolour art work mixed media tulips reds silver leaf sequins yellow red
    03/10/2018 - Amina Sly- Khan 0 Comments
    Experimental Mixed Media

    I've been experimenting with colour and texture using acrylic paints, watercolours, tissue paper, silver leaf, sequins, net fabric creating a mixed media image of tulips. I'm quite pleased with the outcome but it is my first one. More to follow, I'm enjoying the processes involved.

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  • A really good day running a ' bespoke' Art workshop. painting, acrylic, well being, art studio, learning , study Art
    02/10/2018 - Amina Sly- Khan 0 Comments
    Bespoke Art Workshop

    A really good day running a 'bespoke' Art workshop for a group of friends. They wanted to create their own large canvases to hang in their homes. I guided them through the use of acrylic and mixed media and was on hand when they needed advice. It was a beautiful, warm day and the light in the studio was perfect.

    Lunch was a delicious home cooked mixed bean chilli with butternut squash, Mexican salad, jacket potatoes.... all washed down with chilled prosecco. All served in my dining room at a beautifully laid table.

    Plenty of tea and coffee was consumed through the day and my Jack Russell Murphy was given a lot of attention.

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